Yellow Peril Stableford Rules

1. Teams will consist of 3 players, each playing their own ball. Entrants must have Competition Handicap. (C).

2. One of the balls MUST be Yellow’ (or easily recognised from the other 2 balls.)

3. On the first hole Player A MUST play the Yellow ball, whilst the other two players use their own ball. On the second hole Player B MUST play the Yellow ball and the other two players play their own ball. On the third hole Player C MUST play the Yellow ball with player A & B using their own ball.

4. On the fourth tee the cycle starts again, so that in 18 holes each player plays the yellow ball six times in the correct sequence. I.E: Player A MUST play the Yellow ball on holes 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 & 16.

5. On each hole the Yellow ball score MUST count, plus the best score of one of the other players, to give the Stableford points for that hole. The total score for each hole should be recorded in the POINTS column of the score card. Finally, total the score for the 18 holes to give the TOTAL team score.

6. Full handicap allowance for each player to be used.

7. Mark on the score card which player used the Yellow ball on each hole by circling the score.