The entry fee is £2.00 for the complete competition. The competition will be played off the Blue Tees.
Handicap for the competition is 50%, this will be known as your “Ringer Handicap” and will remain fixed throughout the whole competition. Should your actual playing handicap change, e.g., due to playing in any qualifying competition, then that handicap is used for all competitions including the Seniors Stableford played in parallel each week with the Winter Ringer.

Enter your playing handicap on your Ringer cards, your “Ringer Handicap” will have been recorded on the table displayed in “Competitions”.
The competition is played over a period of 14 weeks, only SIX Ringer Cards are required to complete the competition.
The Ringer will run alongside the weekly Tuesday Stableford, you choose the weeks you wish to play the Ringer by marking your card “RINGER” before you start play.
Then ring the GROSS score of the THREE holes of your choice at the end of the round. (It is a good idea to keep a record of the holes you have ringed for future reference. Amazing how often a hole gets ringed twice or even three times).

Once a hole has been ringed the score on that hole remains and cannot be changed or ringed again.
After the completion of the six required cards the total of the ringed 18 holes will give you your total score, half your handicap will then be deducted to give your final score. A record of your submitted scores will be displayed weekly on the table in “Competitions”. In the event of a tie/draw, net scores being equal, the winner will be decided on a count back basis, that is the best back 9, 6, 3 and then 1.