1. Four ball match play, 90% handicap difference but ½ difference if more than 2 winter greens used.
2. Winter rules e.g., pick and place, winter greens etc. apply if in operation. Play off blue tees.
3. Each pair match play all the other pairs in their group. No need to play any more holes after match decided.
4. The winning pair earn 1 point, ½ point each if match is halved, 0 points for a loss.
5. Please enter the result of each game including the net hole difference in the Group result table below e.g. “W + 5”,”L – 5”,” H”. Example provided.
6. If there is a two – way tie on points the higher place will go to the pair who won the match between them. Otherwise: The higher place for pairs tied for points goes to the pair with the best net difference in holes won. If still tied a coin toss.
7. The 4 group winners (seeded 1 to 4 based on points scored & net difference in holes won if need be) and the 4 Runners Up (seeded 5,6,7 and 8 based on Group results) qualify for the Quarter Finals. (A) 1 v 8, (B) 2 v 7, (C) 3 v 6, (D) 4 v 5. (Deadline 1st February). The Semi Final pairings will be Winner (A) v Winner (B) and Winner (C) v Winner (D). (Deadline 1st March)
Matches are to be arranged by the pairs involved but a strict deadline ** will be in operation and there will be no extension for any personal reason whatsoever.**
DEADLINE: The final date for the leagues is December 17th. If not played before that date both pairs must be present in the club by 9.30am to play after that days Roll Up. A “no show” will result in a -1 loss for that team or both if neither show. It will mean elimination in the knockout stages. If both teams are present but inclement weather prevents play (in the view of the committee member i/c the Roll Up) then a group match will be treated as halved and a knockout match decided by a putting competition if possible or failing that a coin toss.