Weekending 31st March

Tuesday 26th March

A dry day, sunshine and slight breeze made ideal conditions for 18 holes with bunkers in play – hooray. The greenkeeper was busy with his new grass cutting machinery, making quick work (about 3 times quicker, it seemed) on all the fairways and some rough. The course was in fine condition. The greens were much quicker than recent experience when wet.
The competition, the final round of this years Captains Challenge which consisted of 12 pairs divided between Bill and Charlie at the start of the day. Two ‘no-shows’ have been given yellow cards.
The day resulted in a win for Bill by 4 ½ to 1 ½.
and a final score of 15 ½ to 7 ½, to the CAPTAINS Team.

2’s Competition

Four 2’s were recorded:

Phillip Cuttle on the 2nd, Jim Ashworth on the 5th,
Ian Dobson on the 13th and John Crossley on the 15th.
Thursday will be the last day to complete the WINTER RINGER.


There are 3 team matches scheduled for April. The sign-up sheets are in the Range Bar. More names would be appreciated. Please enter your name if you would like to play.


Stableford & Order of Merit Qualifier 2nd April.

There is a sign-up sheet in the Range Bar for the drawn Seniors Stableford and Order of Merit Competition on 2nd April. Please enter your names on the sheet, indicating if you would prefer an early/late start by Thursday 28th March. Alternatively, please email Bill Murray, Seniors Captain, if you wish to enter this competition a.s.a.p.


New Course Layout.

Woolfox Management are planning that the new course layout will be available by the weekend of 30th March, weather permitting, after installing new tee markers etc. There will be mats provided on the new 1st tee drop zone, until the grass has matured sufficiently to be playable. New score cards will be available. For some there may be some ‘fiddling’ to endure with your GPS distance gadgets until the computer systems supporting these gadgets is updated to the new course layout.


Thursday 28th March

Thanks to Charlie Laverty for today’s report.

Today’s report has no results until handicaps have been resolved for the new layout, cards will be kept in the safe until then.
But I can report on some action on the new par 3 first hole. On the eagerly awaited news and much controversy and confusion on when we could play the new lay out.
An old saying came to mind, (I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure). So, with excitement we scurried down to the first hole to find poor Derek Bell to be a victim, along with Mr Moss, 3 balls already had seen a watery grave.
Next to step up to the challenge was Mr Hird who the previous week in the company of Mr Adkins had hit practice balls from the side of the 18th green to Malcolm’s delight ending up 3ft from the hole. Well, full of confidence, he teed up on the temporary mat, swung at it, lost sight of it, then moments later saw the splash in the middle of the lake, he immediately put another (older ball down). I informed him that there was a drop zone further down near the green, whack off went the second attempt, again up on the air and splash, so after Mr Mann and I got safely over, off we went to the drop zone. With 40 yards to go over water, yes, you guessed it number 3 ball didn’t quite make it. He did see the funny side of it in the cafe later, as he bragged saying, “it’ll take some beating”.
I’m sure by the end of the year the lake will be a few inches higher laden with golf balls and a few of them will belong to me.  Regards   Charlie.
Today’s results will be found here as soon as I receive them.


Winter Ringer 2023-24 Final Table

Here is the final table of the Winter Ringer. Unfortunately, due to the “wonderful weather” we have experienced over this winter, a number of the members were unable to complete their 18 holes. Those highlighted are the qualifiers. 

Congratulations to:

Phil Cuttle who claimed First Place on count back,

from John Crossley.

With Ian Ingram taking 3rd place.


Results for the Thursday roll up, All to Count.

Thanks to Bill Murray for his patience and report.
Apologies for the elapsed time it has taken to issue the result.

Club management directed that the rollup had to be played on the new course layout using blue tees. The new handicap system was not available to be implemented until April 1, so the course handicap table for the blue tees was not available until April 2nd, and I thought it might be interesting to compare the calculations for the result under the 2023 calculation (previous handicap calculation) and 2024 calculation (new handicap calculation after April 1). The comparison data for the competition is shown in the attached spreadsheet. I hope I got my sums right!
The results show that whichever way the handicap is calculated, be it to 2023 or 2024 methods, the important leading/winning positions were not different.

Winning Team with 117 points (2023), 104 points (2024).
Malcolm Hird, Charlie Laverty, Malcolm Mann

Runners Up with 97 points (2023), 86points (2024).
Melvin Baker, Derrick Bell and Steve Moss.

The Best Front nine was Steve Moss on 25 points (2023), 23 points (2024).
The Best Back nine was Malcolm Mann on 21 points (2023), 19 points (2024).

The best overall was Malcolm Mann with 45 points (2023), 39 points (2024), beating Steve Moss on countback.


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