Weekending 28th April 2024

Tuesday 23rd April

Thanks to Bill Murray for today’s report.

A good turnout today – 27 golfers, despite a cold north wind. The competition today was a roll up Stableford.
The recent adverse weather had made some of the greens perhaps a bit more ‘bobbly’ than usual, but everything was playable. There were some brief light rain showers, as well as the wind, during the back nine which raised a few brollies. Notably John Adkins witnessed his brolly taking off from the 16th tee, chasing his tee shot, stopping briefly in the cavernous bunker in an attempt to capture Graham Purslow’s tee shot before taking off again to become entrapped in the far hedge; trying to escape all together it seemed.
Results of the day:-

Division 1
1st place (and overall winner) goes to Ian Ingram with 39 points.

2nd was Ian Dobson on 36 points.
3rd place, Phil Cuttle on 35 points.

Division 2
1st place goes to Nick Nicolle on 35 points.

2nd place went to Pete Chippendale on 34 points.
3rd place was Nick Lewis on 33 points.

2’s Competition
There were a total of 6 twos scored.
            Two of which were by Ian Ingram on the 3rd and 6th                              Bill Murray on the 1st, John Crossley on the 3rd,                   Charlie Laverty on the 14th and Bill Collins on the 16th.



Thursday 25th April

Results for the match WOOLFOX Seniors vs TOFT seniors.

Toft secured victory by 5 to 3, with 2 groups returning even halves.
A cold start with a northerly breeze and a very little drizzle towards noon. The course was immaculate with fresh cut greens and fairways.
In the first group, Andrew Boyce discovered by about the fifth hole that his screw was loose. Of course, nobody could help him with such a problem – most of us don’t even have screws to come loose, so we carry no such sophisticated remedial tools. Consequently perhaps, his memory began to struggle – he forgot to put out the NTP markers on hole 6 and only just remembered by hole 14! He played on regardless, surprisingly well actually; to the extent he was keen to see a ‘three clubs and a putter’ competition appear on the rollup match schedule soon.
Super-substitute John Hastings won the NTP for WOOLFOX and Alan Peach won for TOFT; once the NTP markers were discovered by the 14th green. 32 players participated in the match, but these were the only names recorded on the NTP sheets!
A superb 2 course meal was served by the CROWN and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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