Weekending 24th March

Tuesday 19th March

Today’s report, thanks to Bill Murray.

Due to recent rainy weather, play was reduced to 12 holes.
There were 11 pairs divided between Bill and Charlie, for the Captains ChallengeT (Singles) Competition.

The weather was breezy, from SW, giving rise to some wayward shots on holes 13 to 15.
Because of the very significant rainfall we have experienced of late, giving rise to significant mud deposit on balls even in the rough, the winter rules were temporarily enhanced for this competition to permit ‘pick, clean and place’ in the rough as well as the fairways.
Competition Result:

2’s Competition

There were two 2s recorded:

Dougie Morten on the 2nd and John Crossley on the 17th.



Because the Ringer competition has been so badly affected by closure of holes or bunkers GUR, it is decided that the forthcoming Thursday Rollups will provide the opportunity to complete the competition in addition to Tuesday 27th February the dates to which the additional Ringer competition days apply are 29th of February and Thursday 7th and 14th of March. Those entering the Ringer competition on those days should complete individual score cards showing the ringed holes. A separate card should be completed, with the team competition scores entered via the computer system (if the course is not compromised). Should the course be compromised (less than 18 holes, or bunkers GUR), then additional Thursdays will be used for Ringer completion opportunity. However, the competition cannot extend beyond the end of March, because there will be a new course layout from April 1st, resulting in a change of hole indexes; also, winter rules will terminate.                                         


There are 3 team matches scheduled for April. The sign-up sheets are in the Range Bar. Please enter your name if you would like to play.

Thursday 21st March

15 golfers set out today in dry but chilly conditions. But, yet again only 12 holes were open to play. Four ladies turned out to play in their Winter Eclectic competition.
The middle of our middle round was disrupted by a greenkeeper tending the greens just ahead of us. If we had a microphone, we could have recorded what the following groups were saying – fortunately we didn’t (too blue!!).

Ladies Competition.

     Jackie Cole led the lady’s home with a score of 22 points for her 9 holes.                      This increased her lead in the overall table by another point.                                                        Next came Chris Jones with 17 points.                                                                        3rd was Anna Clyde with 14 points.                                            In 4th place was Nancy Dobson with 13 points.

Seniors Roll Up 2 from 3 results.
The event was won by ….
Bill Murray, with Melvin Baker and Keith Wright supplying a few extra points, (notable was Melvin’s 5 for 4 on the 16th, which Melvin noted he never had a par on before) they scored 57 points. 

Nick Lewis, John Crossley and Derrick Bell were second with 53 points.

           Bill Murray took the first half (6 holes) with 16 points.                 Nick Lewis just scraped ahead of Bill with 14 points to claim                                                     the second 6 holes.

2’s Competition

The 2’s pot was left unclaimed – many in the clubhouse would claim near, but no coconut!! So once again the Captains Charity was the beneficiary.


Latest News 

The Match scheduled for Wednesday 27th March against Belton Woods has now been cancelled – and will be rearranged for a future date. All those who signed up on the start sheet, please unbook any arrangements made for this match on 27 March.


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