Weekending 23rd June

Tuesday 18th June

21 players drawn into teams off 3, participated in the ‘Texas Scramble”, format competition on a fine day. The conditions were good, just not warm enough for all to be in shorts.

The net scores were all within 8 shots. 2 teams came back with a gross of 69, equalling the course par. The difference in team handicaps decided the winner:

Team Winners:

Bill Murray, Dougie Morton, David Nelson with a net 57.6.

Team Runner up:                                                                                 Ian Ingram, Charlie Laverty Barry Searles with a net of 59.8

Four 2s were recorded. The finest was an ‘Eagle’ by Andrew Boyce on the par 4 13th hole. Sadly, perhaps, there is no prize for 2s in this format competition.


Wednesday 19th June

We travelled to Peterborough to face the threat of Nene Valley Seniors. Woolfox lost 4 – 2.

Nene Park have a club rule that in team competitions, the maximum course handicap is 28. However, the weather was great, blessed with sunshine as the day progressed. The course was well prepared, and the greens were super-fast. No lakes but loads of mature trees and some ditches which caught a few balls. The fast greens took some getting used to for Woolfox players, to the advantage of Nene Park.

Revenge beckons at a home match next month.

Andrew Boyce took the ‘nearest the pin’ prize – the only name on the Woolfox NTP marker.

The result sheet tells the story of the day.


Thursday 20th June

The best day of the year so far – no wind and sunny. The fairways and greens are running very well. 15 players survived the Nene Park plus Tuesday competition. Many found 3 rounds in 3 days was draining! But, playing the favourite format of 2 from 3 todays round did not tax the grey cell too much.

                   Well done to Bill Collins, Tom Byrne and Phil Cuttle                      with their 83 points.

Runners Up were ……                                                                    Andrew Boyce, Nick Lewis and Steve Moss with 79 points.

                   John Crossley won the front 9 with 23 points.                      Steve Moss also had 23 points to claim the Back 9.

2’s Competition

Bill Collins and Malcolm Hird shared the 2s pot, both succeeding on the 8th hole.

On the Course.

John Crossley hit his second on the 15th out of bounds, hit a large tree, and bounced back into play. He needs to enter the lottery this week.


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