Weekending 21st April 2024

Tuesday 16th April

The day dawned dry but windy and cold. As 20 golfers took to the fairways for the Roll Up Stableford Competition. Six for Division 1 and 14 for Division 2. From the scores it looked as though the rough weather made it a very tough day on the course.
Results of the day: –

Division 1

1st place went to Peter King with 35 points.

2nd came Bill Collins with 32 points.
3rd place was John Crossley with 31 points.

Division 2

                  1st place with the day’s top score was                             Pete Chippendale with 36 points.

2nd place went to Melvin Baker with 35 points.
3rd place came Barry Searles with 33 points.

Best front 9 went to Peter King with 20 points.
Best back 9 went to Pete Chippendale with 19 points.

2’s Competition

Malcolm Hird scored the only 2 of the day, on the 14th. It was a good day to do it —– it was his birthday.


Wednesday 17th April

Result of match v Priors Hall.

Thursday 18th April

15 golfers took part in today’s roll up, the format being, 1 to count on 1st 6, 2 on 2nd 6, 3 on last six.  Whilst it was a chilly start, the sun did shine and although there was a light/brisk wind, IT DIDN’T RAIN!!!!

Scores were very even between the teams,                                                        but Tom Bryne, Melvin Baker and Ali Scott                      shone through with 75 points.

Tom Byrne had the best front 9 with 24 points.

        Ali Scott the best back 9 with 18 points on count back.         

2’s Competition            

There no 2’s recorded but lots of alleged near misses.


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