Weekending 19th May

Tuesday 14th May

Here is the draw for Mays Monthly Stableford and Mike Pell Memorial Trophy. Remember this is also an Order of Merit qualifier.


The report of the above competition follows. 

Thanks to Keith Wright for today’s report.

The 25 entrants for this Monthly Stableford were faced with a miserable slightly damp morning accompanied by a slight breeze.
Competition for the 10 points in the Order of Merit and The Mike Pell Memorial Trophy was quite tight, with three members returning 37 points, with Pete King claiming the honours on count back.
Click here to view the latest Order of Merit table.

Division 1

                       Top scorer was Pete King with 37 points a.c.b.                         also wins The Milke Pell Memorial Trophy for this year.

2nd place was Bill Murray with 37 points a.c.b.
3rd place went to Ian Ingram with 35 points.

Division 2

1st place with 37 points was Steve Moss with 37 points.

2nd place came Keith Wright with 36 points.
3rd place went to Andrew Boyce with 33 points.

2’s Competition

There were three 2’s scored today,

                   Bill Murray on the 6th, Phil Cuttle on the 8th                                                     and John Hastings on the 14th.


Thursday 16th May.

The golfing gods were cruel too us for the second time this week, hence the poor turn out today, as most folk were still drying out.
So, with a mere 9 players today’s winning team were …….

                    Lee Benniman, Melvin Baker and Steve Moss                      with a fine 84 points.

         Next came John Crossley, Charlie Laverty and Pete King               with 78 points.
Followed by Malcolm Hird, Graham Purslow and John Hastings, with 66 points.

      Best front 9 and best score of the day was Steve Moss with           22 points and 40 points respectively.
Best Back 9 went to John Crossley with 19 points.

2’s Competition
There were no 2’s today.

Summer Singles Knockout Competition.
Three matches played today saw the following results.

Ian Ingram beat Keith Wright.
Tom Byrne beat Malcolm Mann
Peter Chippendale beat John Adkins.

The state of play table can be found on the Competitions page, or just click “here”.

The Ladies also played today but unfortunately, we have no results or report at this time.


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