Weekending 17th March

Tuesday 12th March

Today’s Captains Challenge (Fourball) was rained off, it has now been organised to take place on Tuesday 26th March instead of the Yellow Peril.
The Captains Challenge (Singles) will take place as planned next Tuesday; the draw can be viewed on the Events Diary page. 



Because the Ringer competition has been so badly affected by closure of holes or bunkers GUR, it is decided that the forthcoming Thursday Rollups will provide the opportunity to complete the competition in addition to Tuesday 27th February the dates to which the additional Ringer competition days apply are 29th of February and Thursday 7th and 14th of March. Those entering the Ringer competition on those days should complete individual score cards showing the ringed holes. A separate card should be completed, with the team competition scores entered via the computer system (if the course is not compromised). Should the course be compromised (less than 18 holes, or bunkers GUR), then additional Thursdays will be used for Ringer completion opportunity.  However, the competition cannot extend beyond the end of March, because there will be a new course layout from April 1st, resulting in a change of hole indexes; also, winter rules will terminate.


There are 3 team matches scheduled for April. The sign-up sheets are in the Range Bar. Please enter your name if you would like to play.


Thursday 14th March

Today’s report, thanks to Bill Murray.

A dry day for a change. However, only 12 holes playable and bunkers were GUR with most of them well trampled by reindeer.
Because 6 holes were not available, the game format was rapidly changed to 3 to count on the front 6 (holes 1,2,3,10,11,12) and 2 to count on the back 6 (holes 13 – 18). With the help of Excel, to ensure arithmetic more accurate and consistent, 10 individuals were identified on the same score for the front 6. 


Best Team:

Malcolm Hird, Steve Moss, Melvyn Baker

on 69 points.

Best Individual Overall:

John Adkins 29 points after countback front Nick Lewis.
Best Front 6: Bill Murray 14 points,
after countback from Bill Collins, Tom Byrne, Phil Cuttle, Steve Moss, Graham Purslow, Melvyn Baker, Nick Lewis, Pete Chippindale, David Nelson.

Best Back 6: John Adkins 16 points.

2’s Competition.

There were two 2s:

 Melvyn Baker on Hole 2.

Malcolm Mann on Hole 15.


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