The Seniors’ Championship competition is held on a Tuesday in September each year (see Seniors’ diary). This is a drawn medal competition played off the white tees. To be eligible for this competition participants must have a Congu qualified handicap “c” and have played at least 3 Seniors’ qualifying competitions during that calendar year.

If a 2-tee start is employed, all players with a handicap of 16 or less will start from the first tee. Players will, where practicable, be drawn to start in handicap order.

This Competition is a Gross and Net event for golfers. The Seniors’ Championship winner will be the competitor with the lowest gross score.
Prizes will be awarded to the winner and to the player with the next best gross score.
Prizes will also be awarded to the players with the lowest net score and the next best lowest net score.
In the event of a tie for the best Gross prize, the outcome will be decided by a sudden death playoff. This playoff will start on the 1st hole and proceed round the course in numerical order of holes. A player recording a higher score on a hole than the others is eliminated. This continues until there is just one player remaining, who will be declared the winner.

Ties for the best Net prizes will be determined on countback – best back nine, then back six, then back three then 18th hole only. For the purposes of this tiebreak settlement, the back nine is always holes 10 to 18. The club’s approved handicapping software system will determine the result of a countback.

No competitor is permitted to win more than 1 Prize of the 4 main prizes on offer. In order of priority the gross winner prize takes precedence, followed by, in order, the net winner, the gross runner-up and the net runner-up. Therefore, if the player finishing with the second-best gross score also has the best net score, that player would receive the best net prize (that being of higher priority than the gross runner-up prize) and in that instance the player finishing 3rd in the gross competition would be promoted to gross runner-up.

Important note: competitors must be aware that, in the event of a playoff for the best gross score, in some circumstances, the winner of the best net competition may not be determined until the outcome of the best gross playoff is known. The playoff will start at the 1st tee and continue until a result is achieved (see above). Example: If players A and B are tied with gross scores of 80, with Player A having an 80 Gross & 70 Net, and Player B having an 80 Gross & 68 Net (the lowest in the competition), they will have to participate in a sudden death playoff for the Gross Prize only. But as Player A has a net score of 70 and Player B a net score of 68, Player B will win the Best Net unless he (Player B) wins the play off. Meanwhile Player C has a net score of 69 (gross score above 80). If Player A wins the playoff, Player B wins the Best Net but if Player B wins the playoff, Player C wins the Best Net.

There is no entry fee for the Seniors’ Championship competition, the only  requirement is to have completed at Least 3 Seniors Qualifiers before entry.

Rule revision agreed by: Simon Gauntley Seniors Captain, Gerry McIntyre Seniors Representative. June 2018