Guidance Notes



1.  Notice of AGM required no later than 4 weeks prior to the meeting.

2. On AGM Day the competition immediately prior to the meeting will be an 18-hole shotgun start, with an entry fee of £1.50. 

3. A Thursday seniors group teeing off from 10.00 to 11.16 a.m. will be run by the Committee.

4. Senior Captain and Vice-Captain to attend meetings of the General Club Committee.

5. One year’s free membership and Club sweater for Senior Captain will be provided from main club funds. In addition, the Senior’s Captain will receive £200(£100 from the main club and £100 from Senior’s funds.)

6. Section dinners to be paid for at least 7 days in advance, otherwise members may forfeit place(s). Members withdrawing less than 4 days before the event will only be refunded in exceptional circumstances. 

7. Seniors ‘Hole in one club’ exists for all members to join on payment of an initial fee of £2. A float of at least £100 is to be maintained by further payments of £2 per member as and when required. 

8. Committee minutes to be displayed on Seniors notice board.

9. House staff gratuities collected at the Christmas Dinner not to be supplemented as house staff receives function gratuities throughout the year. 

10. Ground staff Christmas gratuities should be provided by a collection on the day of the AGM.

11. Charity Day fees to be £2.50 for Members (for charity); £12.50 guests (including £2.50 charity donation).

12. The organisation of Away Days is not a Committee responsibility.

13. The Captain may invite guests who have been or may be of benefit to the Seniors Section, to be paid for out of section funds. Any other guests must be paid for by the person responsible for inviting them.

14. An annual Veterans competition with a trophy supplied by Peter Bryan will be run alongside a Stableford competition.

15. Captains drive-in to start at 8.30am so as not to interfere with any competition on the day. 


 1. All Competition rules are detailed on the Seniors website.

2. Members must have a Competition Handicap before they can enter senior competitions (qualifying or non-qualifying).This also applies to accredited (drawn) but not to non-accredited (roll-up) Team Competitions.

3. To retain a Competition handicap members are required to submit at least three qualifying scores per calendar year. Qualifying scores are those returned in Club qualifying competitions. Supplementary scores or 9-hole qualifying events. Up to ten Supplementary scores can contribute towards a qualifying score.

4. In cumulative competitions such as the Order of Merit, on achieving a Competition Handicap any subsequent card will count in the competition.

5. The Handicap Secretary will review the entrants for Seniors Competitions and advise the Committee of any individuals not meeting the entry requirements. New players not on the master handicap list (and thus not entered on the club computer) will be viewed as equivalent to not having a Competition Handicap and the rules will apply accordingly.

6. All competitions off a measured course are “qualifying” for handicap purposes, though not necessarily for the Order of Merit-see note 17.

7.  Separate prizes for Ladies and Gents are not provided. 

8.  Stroke differentials for lady members. The computer software will adjust the handicaps automatically. According to C.O.N.G.U rules. 

9. Competition cards should always be checked by a member of the committee. 

10. Competitors are to be disqualified if they fail to sign their card. 

11. The ‘back 9’ will always be holes 10-18 for count-back purposes. 

12.  Seniors Championship to be played off the white tees. To be eligible for this competition members must have played at least 3 qualifying competitions in that calendar year. All players up to handicap of 16 to start off 1st tee including “the ten most likely contenders” classed as the ten lowest handicap players who enter the competition. Players to start in handicap order were practicable.

13. The Seniors Championship winner to be the best gross score, with a prize also for the best net score. Please refer to the Seniors website for a detailed explanation of the rules.

14. In Medal and Stapleford competitions all players to play as per the draw. 

15. Medal competitions to be played off white tees only. Medals to be presented to the winners of Division 1 and Division 2. 

16. Winners and runners up prizes to be provided for singles and doubles knockout competitions. 

17. Order of Merit to comprise 7 Medals, 7 Stapleford’s, a Bogey and a Championship.

18. The Winter Competition will receive 3 prizes.

19. Qualifying criteria for singles and doubles competitions is 3 single competitions in that calendar year or in the preceding 12 months prior to entry.

20. In order to maintain a healthy bank account a minimum 40% of competition fees to go to funds and 60% to competition prizes. The cost for wine prizes to be paid from the 40%. Medal Competition fees will be £2 and Stableford competition fees will be £1.50. 

21. Monthly competitions. In adverse weather, prior to the commencement of play, the Committee members present will decide on whether play is to commence or not. During play the Head Greenkeeper or Club management may take a decision to call-off play. Only Committee members can declare competitions null and void and do not have the right to withhold entry fee. If any problems occur during play members should play on and report to a committee member at the end of their play. 

22. For the “two’s competition”, in the event of “no winner” the amount collected will be paid to the Captain’s Charity.

Last reviewed and updated June 2019.